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Our company, ANCONA DISAIN OÜ, is the Baltic importer of Italian special furniture and doors. Our main business line includes the complex supplying of furniture for hotels, apartments, boarding-houses, rest homes, spas, and student dormitories.

The success of a hotel business depends on a multitude of conditions, the most important of which is the comfort of the guests.

What should the furniture in hotel rooms and apartments look like?

Ideally, the cosiness and comfort of the room should already welcome the guest on the doorstep and accompany them throughout their stay there. The furniture demonstrates the owner's wealth, their taste in art, and the respectability of the company.

Trust the Italian experts in this. It is, after all, the image of the company at stake here!

The first thing that every respectable owner of a hotel business must do is accurately identify the concept of the company. After the key concept has been identified, it is time to choose the furniture. Hotel furniture has to be different from home furniture. First of all, hotel furniture has to be durable so that it could be used for several seasons. At the same time, hotel furniture has to be stylish and look respectable.

That is why there are such high requirements to the quality of hotel furniture. The materials and fitting have to be the best – more reliable and stronger than usual. Also, hotel furniture cannot lose its surface appearance even after years of active use. The covering surfaces of the furniture have to be scratch- and wearproof, and the sofas, armchairs and mattresses have to be made of ecological, fire-resistant material.

Our furniture has all the necessary certificates regarding ecology and fire safety, and the furniture corresponds to the highest requirements.

Not only do we help you buy hotel furniture – we offer you 100% full service.

  • designer consultation

  • 3D project visualisation

  • visit to your office by our expert introducing catalogues and finishing samples

  • furniture assembly and integration of domestic appliances

  • storage and transport of ordered furniture

  • post-warranty service.



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